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Welcome to Blackjack City Online,the place where you can find all about the game of blackjack. Everything for everyone, odds, strategy, tips, where to play and how to win.

BlackJack, the most popular and honored card game spreads now his wings on the internet at all the best online casinos and even there are many Blackjack sites, it's still difficult to find one which brings all of that basic but necessary information together in one place and that can be applied specifically to blackjack players. We offer extended information on blackjack strategy and play for both worlds of the online and offline casino.

Because of improper play most Blackjack players loose about 2% of every bet. For that reason we suggest that in a casino blackjack be sure to have a good idea of what basic strategy suggests, and don't be afraid to ask the dealer for help if it's an unusual situation. For online blackjack consult a website or book to help you make your decision.

Choose a crowded table where you will be able to play fewer hands, in order to slow down your playing time. To be alone at a blackjack table is not that fun without the interaction and beside that your bets can be placed very quickly and you can run through your bankroll in a flash.

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